#PinkHistorySpotlight – Try This Arena Tour – The first set

The Try This Tour was split into four different acts. The first act supported Pink’s first album Can’t Take Me Home.

Pink wore a massive pink mohawk to represent her pink-haired days in the Can’t Take Me Home era, and as the dancers pulled back the stage curtain, Pink entered the stage lowered down inside a giant bird cage, while singing Can’t Take Me Home.

The next song to be performed was There You Go and there was a big ‘WANTED’ poster with Pink’s face in the background of the stage. After the song, there was a western style performance from Pink & the dancers.

During the Split Personality performance, Pink and the dancers performed with mirrors.

“Manchester!!!!! Wooo! Holy shit! Hi! Welcome! Thank you guys so much for coming. Tonight is kind of an evolution of music from beginning to now. And you’re all famous! Yeah you. So you guys ready to have a good fucking time tonight?”

The next performance was Most Girls, which was followed by Lady Marmalade, where PInk and her dancers performed with blow up dolls representing each artist from the Lady Marmalade single (Pink, Christina Aguilera, Mya and Lil Kim). During the performance Pink stops the band and dancers, “Stop! Stop! time out, time out, sorry. They hate being interrupted, but, I want you guys to see this face” She then shows the crowd the Christina doll and sings a few lines from Aguilera’s song, Beautiful (which is censored on the DVD).


2 thoughts on “#PinkHistorySpotlight – Try This Arena Tour – The first set

  1. Shannon Dimmitt

    I was not introduced to P! Nk until the Funhouse album. So this is an interesting side. Still love her!


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