#PinkHistorySpotlight – Try This Arena Tour – The Second Set

For the second act, Pink ditched the pink Mohawk for a long blonde wig to represent the days of Missundaztood.

She entered the stage singing a cover of Twisted Sister’s I Wanna Rock, and then performing the second single from Missundaztood, Don’t Let Me Get Me.

The third song of the set was 18 Wheeler, followed by Family Portrait, which showed pictures from Pink’s childhood in the background.

Pink performed the album’s third single, Just Like a Pill which was clearly a crowd favourite, and then performed the last song of the set, Respect.

An audience member was picked from the crowd earlier in the show to be up on stage with Pink and the dancers during Respect.

From the DVD:

Pink“Ok, I havent danced in a while. I believe an audience member was picked earlier, yes? Will y’all go get him for me pretty please? Seen as this song is called respect right, once a night we get to smack the shit out of somebody! All in the name of repect! Hi. Whats your name?”
Mark: “Mark”
P: “Mark, do we like Mark?
M: *blows kiss*
P: “Aw sit his ass down and strap him up. This is one of my favourite parts”
*takes photo*
P: “You can show your mom. Are you nervous? No hes definitely not nervous, I can tell that this is his show right now. Go ahead baby. Aw.”



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