#PinkHistorySpotlight – Try This Arena Tour – The forth set

In the forth set of the Try This tour Pink ditches the wigs and wears a rock chic style outfit to support her current album Try This. The stage curtain re-opens and Pink comes on to the stage performing Feel Good Time and God is a DJ.

Pink then performs Oh My God, there is pole dancing and the dancers strip, Pink describes it as “another day at the office”. She then performs Trouble acoustic with no band playing before asking “everyone ok after that one?”

The next song up on the forth set is Last To Know, which was Pink’s new single around the time she was in Europe. She introduces her drummer, Mylious, who does a drum solo.

“Who thought that was a good drum solo? Hes the second best. Second best drummer in the world. Whos the first? ME! I’ve been trying to get mylious to admit this the whole tour, we’ve done about 18/19 shows so far and he still doesn’t believe it. We all have to convince him that I am, ok?”

Pink VS Mylious drum solo.

Pink then performs Try Too Hard before introducing her band.

“I wanna introduce you guys to my band, the incredibly talented people up here, on the stage, they’re an inspiration to me every night. You’ve met Heffa. Please give it up for Adriana on keys and singing her ass off. That drummer… mylious…yeah, moving on. I love mylious hes so much better than me, I just have this fantasy. Jason back there on keys and singing his ass off. Miss Leah on base, hott mama she is. And the always beautiful ray-ray singing her but-tocks off. I’m Pink”

Pink plays the tambourine while performing Unwind, and that is the forth set completed, Pink thanks the crowd and goes off stage.


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