#PinkHistorySpotlight – Try This Arena Tour – On The Road With Pink

23 countries – millions of fans – 62 cities – 5months – 45 crew members – 72 shows

Pinks not afraid of her songs being taken off the radio right now. Although her next single is still being chosen shes plunging for her next release a live DVD.

“Life on the road can be tedious, boring, it can be exciting, new, it can suck really bad or it can be a hell of a lot of fun”

“Fans in America are always very very cool, its fun though when you go over to Europe because theres so many different languages, and the language barrier is so intense sometimes they have to use their emotions to make you understand how they feel and it can be pretty intense, it can be scary sometimes but altogether its pretty awesome. Total music lovers, some of the places we went, like Serbia, I remember somebody telling me that it was the first concert that a lot of these people had ever been to in their life because a lot of artists book shows over there and then cancel. We showed up and we played a good show and everyone was freaking out and we’re excited and it always makes the show better when the fans are that into it.”

“And what do YOU want”

“This time I have my own bus I’ve moved up in the world”

“We’re all definitely a big family, a big dysfunctional family on the road”

Adriana: “She is who she is on stage and off stage, its cool, I respect that”

Jason: “Shes a really down to earth person and I like that about her”

Rafael: “I like that she cares for everybody else you know, not only for herself”

“I’ve always said to everybody that I do what I do and you do what you do and we all have a great time. Be careful, be smart, have fun.”

“I like to keep it fun, I want everybody to have a good time, I don’t want it to ever feel like a job because when it starts feeling like a job for them, it’ll be a job for me”

“I’m not quite sure what I look like, cuz when I see myself in pictures, I don’t look like me, but I don’t really know what I look like. Sometimes I’m like ‘oh my god’, and other times I’m like ‘couple more sit ups tomorrow Pink’. its really weird, but my thoughts automatically go to my stomach. Go like that and suck it in, try to see the shadow. I’m pretty goofy. Sometimes when my hair is in my face I’m like ‘yeah I like that’.”

“Its so much easier to be hard on yourself, it takes work to be good to yourself, so I’m trying to put the work in. when I say ‘I wish I didn’t have those dots all over my face’, I’ll say ‘hmm but they’re really unique and special’. ‘I wish I didn’t feel fat today’ – ‘hmm but you’re really strong’. ‘I wish my legs weren’t so muscular’ – ‘hmm but when you’re older they’re gonna carry you around’. things like that. Be thankful”

“I am very very lucky”

“One night after a concert in germany I ran backstage and I had a piercer ready to go in my dressing room and he pierced my other nipple and my mom sitting there, it was pretty wild. The first one I wasn’t really myself, so it was interesting to have my mom sitting in the dressing room watching me get my nipple pierced. I tried to get her to do it. Right after the concert because your adrenaline is so up, it was then or never.”

Workout: one hour cardio – one hour yoga – 6 pack of beer – finish with a 2 hour show

“I like to be the best at everything, and I very rarely am but I do my personal best”

“Most of the time I feel absolutely blessed and lucky to be travelling the world and have this opportunity to play music and be heard and make points and piss people off and have fun and make people laugh. And have these bonds with all these people, that I work with and that I sing for and travel with and all the people you meet, its awesome. And then theres other times where you’re kinda like ‘whos idea was this? Why am I here? This sucks’. so yeah theres a balance to everything, no its never poor me poor me but I’m troubled, psychoed like everybody else.”

“Me and my moms relationship has improved she comes out to support me and its really nice you know, you think you want to be as far away from your family as possible, when you’re on the other side of the world, its really comforting to have your mommy around. The whole excitement of what I do has not rubbed off on my mom and her enthusiasm and that shes finally proud of me, it rubs off on me and keeps me going sometimes. Shes always been used to my wildness and that’s pretty much why she kicked me outta the house but she never gets tired of it, she keeps on taking it. I believe that human beings have emotions and needs and people get lonely. The road can be really lonely and I don’t expect people to be happy all the time or put on a front for me because I don’t need that, I need authenticity around me and all these people are just that you know, we’re family”

“Thank you to everybody that came out to see the shows, and thank you to everybody that listens to music and has supported me since day one. I had so much fun thanks to you and keep rocking. See you next time”

“Well I drank coffee so its gonna be a great show”

“I cant dance these headphones are too short. I’ll dance with my computer”


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