Rumoured new P!nk song – ‘U Piss Me Off’

This morning I finished work to find rumours of a new P!nk song ‘coming soon’, but with no official confirmation. There was even artwork and rumoured lyrics had been tweeted. RCA posted an image on P!nk releases, and someone tweeted what could be part of the lyrics, but both have been removed. Here is what I think about the whole thing…



While like any other P!nk fan, I would love to hear new music, I don’t think it is a new single from a new album (I could be wrong though!!). Here are my reasons why…

  1. U Piss Me Off… isn’t going to get a lot of airplay is it? I imagine with that title there will be quite a bit of swearing in it, so if it is released there would have to be a radio edit. While it worked with Fucking Perfect, would it work as well with a lead single from a new album?
  2. The artwork very much reminds me of The Truth About Love era (especially the pop up store theme). It also reminds me of Blow Me (One Last Kiss), with the lips/mouth, and I think it looks a bit fan made
  3. I think that if there is a song by P!nk called ‘U Piss Me Off’, then it may be a leftover from a previous album (remember Bad Day and I Can’t Help It?)

I would love to be wrong, and that we are getting a new album and possible tour so soon after the end of TTAL era, but I just don’t believe it yet, I need to see an official confirmation. Even if it is a leftover track, it would still be great to hear new music from P!nk!


1 thought on “Rumoured new P!nk song – ‘U Piss Me Off’

  1. pinkpandemonium1979

    I completely agree with everything you said. My first thought when I heard the title is that it sounded familiar…. ‘You Make Me Sick’ from ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ I don’t think that she would release a song with such a similar sounding title. There is photographic proof (pap pics) that she has been around recording studios over the past few months, but I don’t think there is an album coming any time soon.


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