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P!nk shares family photos for Mother’s Day

P!nk and Carey shared some family photos with fans on Mother’s Day this year.

@pink Happy Mothers Day ūüíē

@pink One lifetime can feel like a thousand incarnations. We’ve been on this roller coaster together, and at any time we could have chosen to get off. Be done. But love is truly a lifetime of coming back to the table. I celebrate this woman today. I celebrate our decisions to never give up. I love you mama.

@hartluck Happy mamas day to this amazing woman @pink. She is the most dedicated woman to her children, hands down. She puts her children before anything, and while on this crazy world tour; the kids NEVER go without mama time. I don’t know how you do it baby, but I’m proud of you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the real mamas out there that put in 100% with their children. This day is for you.


On This Day in Pink History… 20th November 2001, Missundaztood was released

On This Day in Pink History… 20th November 2001, Missundaztood was released

In 2001, Pink released her second album Missundaztood. The album was different to Pink’s debut R&B Can’t Take Me Home, as it leads towards rock and pop.¬†She recruited¬†4 Non Blondes¬†singer Linda Perry to help her with writing a new album.

Pink worked with Perry on most of the songs of the album, who also contributed guest vocals on “Lonely Girl”. Other guest vocals are provided by Steven Tyler of¬†Aerosmith¬†and¬†Richie Sambora¬†of¬†Bon Jovi¬†on “Misery”. Other writers that worked on the album are¬†Scott Storch¬†and¬†Dallas Austin.

Different subjects are touched upon on¬†Missundaztood. In “Don’t Let Me Get Me” she tackles teenage angst and “Just like a Pill” she describes her drug abuse as a teenager. Pink’s father was sent to serve in the¬†Vietnam war¬†which made such an impression on her that she used the stories of her father in the song “My Vietnam”. Towards the end of the song is a sonic interpolation of Jimi Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner.”¬†“Family Portrait” tackles divorce and its effects.

There are claims that say that the song “Beautiful” by¬†Christina Aguilera¬†was first intended to be sung by Pink, as the song was also written by Perry. Pink claimed the song but Perry did not give it to her because she was waiting for someone else and she was not ready to record the song.

According to VH1’s¬†Driven,¬†Antonio “LA” Reid¬†of¬†LaFace Records¬†wasn’t initially content with the new music Pink was making, because she had made a name for herself with her successful R&B debut.

At the¬†2003 Grammy Awards¬†“Missundaztood” was nominated for “Best Pop Vocal Album” and “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance”, respectively. At the¬†2002 MTV Video Music Awards, “Get the Party Started” won in the categories “Best Female Video” and “Best Dance Video”. Many of the songs on the album contain strong language, and the song “18 Wheeler” in particular, contained many expletives. However, the album was censored in order to avoid a¬†Parental Advisory¬†sticker. No uncensored studio versions of “18 Wheeler” exist, but Pink performs the song uncensored while on tour.

In the U.S., three different editions of¬†Missundaztood¬†were released in total: the first edition was the original version released in 2001 with an enhanced portion on the disc, which‚ÄĒif put in your computer‚ÄĒlet you listen to the international song “Catch 22”, and gave you access to a photo gallery, sing-alongs, and more. The second version released was the main album reissued, but without the enhanced CD portion. A third version, which was a limited edition that included a bonus DVD (the contents of the CDs were the same) was released for a limited time in 2002 and included the two music videos and two live performances. Both the limited edition with the bonus DVD and the enhanced CD versions have since gone out of print, and the initial 2001 release is the only version of the album still in print. It was released outside the US with an extra track, “Catch 22”. Also, on current pressings of the album, the track “Misery” is slightly different. On current pressings, Steven Tyler sings an entire verse as opposed to a providing only few lines and background vocals. On initial pressings of the album, Pink sang all the verses, including the one that Tyler sings on current pressings of the album. The first version of the album that contains the version of Misery where Pink sings Tyler’s verse was not on a specific pressing run, as even some copies the first version of the album released (with the enhanced content) have the current version of the song. It is somewhat hard to find editions of the album with the original version of the song.


There were four singles released from the album:

  • Get The Party Started
  • Don’t Let Me Get Me
  • Just Like A Pill
  • Family Portrait


  1. Missundaztood
  2. Don’t Let Me Get Me
  3. Just Like A Pill
  4. Get The Party Started
  5. Respect (feat. Scratch)
  6. 18 Wheeler
  7. Family Portrait
  8. Misery (feat. Steven Tyler)
  9. Dear Diary
  10. Eventually
  11. Lonely Girl (feat. Linda Perry)
  12. Numb
  13. Gone To California
  14. My Vietnam
  15. Catch 22 (bonus track)

The album debuted at number eight on the U.S.¬†Billboard¬†200, selling 220,000 copies in its first week of release, a higher chart and sales debut than that of Pink’s first album,¬†Can’t Take Me Home¬†(2000).¬†In its fifth week, when it was at number ten, the album sold 323,000 copies.¬†It sold 73,000 copies in its eighth week and rose to number six on the chart;¬†this was its peak position. The album being the second biggest selling album by female artist in 2002, behind¬†Avril Lavigne¬†debut album¬†Let Go. As of July 2014, it had sold 5,628,000 copies in the U.S.

In the UK the album peaked at #2 in the album chart and eventually manage to sell 1.8 million copies, receiving a 5√ó Platinum certification (however, it is eligible for 6√ó Platinum). The success was so huge that as of November 2006, the album was ranked ninety-fourth on the¬†Official UK Charts Company’s all-time best-selling albums list.¬†In 2010 it was ranked the 37th¬†best-selling album of the 2000s in the UK.


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On This Day in Pink History… 17th November 2010, Pink announced that she was pregnant

On This Day in Pink History… 17th November 2010, Pink announced that she was pregnant

In November 2010, Pink took to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to announce that she was pregnant. Ellen asked Pink why she thought she was ‘glowing’ and Pink announced that she was ‘eating for two these days’.

Watch the full interview here:

On This Day in Pink History… 13th November 2011, Pink attended the Happy Feet 2 premiere

On This Day in Pink History… 13th November 2011, Pink attended the Happy Feet 2 premiere

In 2011, the sequel to Happy Feet was released. Starring Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Pink.

Mumble the penguin has a problem: his son Erik, who is reluctant to dance, encounters The Mighty Sven, a penguin who can fly! Things get worse for Mumble when the world is shaken by powerful forces, causing him to brings together the penguin nations and their allies to set things right.

Pink¬†replaces¬†Brittany Murphy¬†as Gloria, due to her death in 2009. Coincidentally, Pink sang a cover version of ‘Tell Me Something Good’ for the first film which can be heard in the opening credits.

The film grossed $64,006,466 in the United States along with $86,000,000 in other territories, for a worldwide total of $150,403,134.

On its opening weekend,¬†Happy Feet Two¬†earned $21,237,068 while playing on 3,606 screens.¬†This was barely half of the $41,533,432 that the first¬†Happy Feet¬†made on its opening weekend in November 2006. Approximately 50% of¬†Happy Feet Two‚Ää’s box-office take came from the 2,825 screens that showed it in 3D.¬†Thus, when adjusted for ticket price inflation,¬†Happy Feet Two¬†achieved less than 45% of the attendance figures of its predecessor. Major box-office prediction websites were almost unanimously predicting an opening weekend of $35 million – $45 million, so¬†Happy Feet Two‚Ää’s box-office performance has thus far been underwhelming. Among 2011’s animated films,¬†Happy Feet Two‚Ää’s opening weekend ranks 8th. Kurt Orzeck of the¬†Vancouver Sun¬†has reported that “due to the poor performance of¬†Happy Feet Two, 600 of the 700 employees at the Sydney-based Dr. D. Studios, the digital production studio behind the animated movie, have reportedly received their walking papers.”


The songs Happy Feet Two Opening Medley, Bridge of Light, and Under Pressure/Rhythm Nation are led by Pink